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At FutureSoft, we know what passion is for software development. We live it every day through our commitment to quality and speed of service. The solutions we deliver make a difference to our customers day in, day out.
The FutureSoft team is fully devoted to the project at all times. We’re not here to work on just any software or for any client. The geeks come to work in the morning to build the best software for the best clients. They don't do their job just to get paid, they become the missing gear in you powerful software machine.


Working round-the-clock, our team of software developers knows how to make apps. No matter the scale.
No matter the platform. No matter the time zone. Being flexible is beautiful.


We leverage the optimal combination of technologies, processes, and talent to transform your concept into business value.

Software Design & Development

A full range of front-end
and back-end solutions
at your fingertips.

IT Consulting

Our rich technical and Business knowledge ensure smart decisions are taken.

Quality Assurance

Our QA experts bring perfection to every single project. Their goal is to empower software development and lead to satisfied users.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Our team becomes your team.
We offer remote and on-site options to ensure that your extended team functions as an integral part of your organization.

Rapid start

Rapid start

We are accustomed to working through rapid-cycle iterations by using techniques such as continuous integration and automated deployment and provisioning.

Regular Calls and Meetings

Regular Calls and Meetings

We commit to full participation at every stage of your work process. This promotes fast reaction time and minimizes the chance of communication issues that may result from cultural differences.

Quality Assurance and Security

Quality Assurance and Security

Abiding by the highest quality standards requires that we dedicate resources to product testing and web security. By emphasizing the importance of
these activities, we deliver superior value.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

By default, you own the code we write and the intellectual property that may emerge as we do it.
We keep them accessible to you at all times in a secured cloud environment.

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

Integrating agile and SCRUM methodologies keeps us responsive to your firm even in the face of shifting priorities. Iterative processes ensure on-time delivery that meets all requirements.


Bringing quality and speed of service to our customers, we strive to be part of their team. It's how we get to know their needs. That's why enterprises and startups alike have entrusted us with their projects for top-notch apps.

Epson - Electronics


Nexmo - Telecomunications


STRYPES - Information and communications technology

Information and communications technology

KELEN - Health Care

Health Care

ORANGE - Telecomunications


M-PESA - Financial



Give us a call or just drop a line or two. We'll be happy to know you
and the challenges your business is faced with.

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Business Development Manager:

Bozhidar Bahov

M: +31 64 447 7549

bul. "Todor Alexandrov" 14, 1303 Sofia - Business Center Hotel Anel

Business Development Manager:

Lyubima Ivanova

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Business Development Manager:

Ivan Gardev

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Business Development Manager:

Mihail Mihaylov

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Business Development Manager:

Gabriela Djambazka

M: +44 756 896 7661